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Sydney HubSpot User Group plans for 19 September 2018

Posted by Craig Bailey

17 September 2018 18:12:03 AEST


In a nutshell:

  • When: This Wednesday 19 September 2018 from 5:45pm
  • Where: WeWork Pyrmont, Level 3, 100 Harris Street, Pyrmont (map)
  • Time: Arrive from 5:45pm, food from 6pm, sessions from 6:15pm
  • Topics: HubSpot product announcements from Inbound 18

There's lots more below (way too much really) where I go through the sessions in detail, show photos of food, share a touching story (*sniff*), chat about introverts, and even do something useful: tell you how to get there on Wednesday. Read on...


Some details about the sessions this Wednesday

I wanted to give you a few details about the sessions this Wednesday 19 September 2018 at the Sydney HubSpot User Group (you can register here if you haven't already).

There will be 3 main sessions:

  • Session 1: Overview of HubSpot Product announcements from Inbound18
  • Session 2: 5 Key Marketing Trends highlighted at Inbound18
  • Session 3: Q+A Panel answering your HubSpot and Marketing questions

Session 1: HubSpot Announcements

We're happy to announce that we've secured Loren Scott for the first session. He's the Principal Sales Engineer for HubSpot APAC.

Although he has the word 'sales' in his title, don't be worried, it's not going to be a sales fest (HubSpot has Sales Managers for that - Loren is a Sales Engineer).

This is what he looks like btw:

Loren Scott

He's a pretty cool guy - and knows his stuff. You can connect with him on LinkedIn here.

Loren will be focussing primarily on the Marketing Hub announcements, and especially the Enterprise and Pro features (since they were a key focus this year).

He'll be hanging around at the end for the panel as well in case you have some curly HubSpot questions to throw his way.

Session 2: Marketing Trends

One of the really useful benefits of attending a conference like Inbound is you get exposed to the latest thinking in the industry. Even though we have this thing called the internet, it's funny how we can be a little behind here in Australia.

For people who weren't able to make it this year (like me), Ian Jacob and Moby Siddique will be spending 15-20 minutes taking us through their top 5 takeaways from Inbound, in terms of marketing trends.

Ian Jacob Moby Siddique

Break: We'll have a break after this session, so you can recharge and then settle in for the Panel session

Session 3: Expert Panel

After the break we'll be having an open forum style Expert Panel session. This is your chance to ask questions about Inbound, marketing trends, HubSpot product tools, or even just compliment us on the catering.

I'm excited to announce we'll have the following experts on the panel:

Moby from Red Pandas will be moderating the panel.

dominique-300 justin-theng-300

Got a burning question for them already? Leave us a note in the comments.



Please register - it helps us with catering

If you haven't already, could you please register here - it will help us with organising the catering - I'll be doing the final drinks order this evening, so if you could register by then, that would be just dandy.




Speaking of catering...

Here's a few photos from last time so you can get a sense of the nibblies we put on:


Noice - we have the good stuff folks. Thanks to Tasha for getting this all organised!

Plus free beer - yep, there's free beer on tap on the night as well. 



LinkedIn Group

Did you know we have a LinkedIn group? No, neither did I really. It could do with a bit of love frankly... We'll be posting the slide decks and promoting a few other resources there - if you're on LinkedIn, then feel free to join the group here.

Note: you'll have to pass a rigorous vetting process to be accepted... basically, if you bother to request to join that should cover it.


Inbound18 Recaps

Partners Posting about Inbound

There's been a ton of good recaps from Inbound. Not to mention during the event. Moby was up to his usual awesomeness with some interesting popup video spots. Salted Stone had a good wrap up post.

As you can imagine HubSpot themselves had a slew of posts about the updates.

Were you there? Did you write a post/record a podcast/shoot a video about it?

Let me know and we'll feature you in our bumper list of links on Wednesday.


How to get there

We're at WeWork Pyrmont

WeWork, Level 3, 100 Harris Street, Pyrmont NSW 2009

Sydney HUG at WeWork Pyrmont

WeWork, Level 3, 100 Harris Street, Pyrmont NSW 2009

Street Parking

There is 2 hour parking on Harris Street, right outside the building. It is $2.70 per hour.

If you arrive around 5:30-6:00pm you should be able to find street parking reasonably easily. After 6pm it tends to get a little harder due to all the cafes and restaurants filling with dinner patrons.

Parking Station

The nearest parking station is in The Star (the casino right behind the WeWork building). Parking is $20 per 6 hours.

There are other parking stations near by as well.


WeWork is a short walk from Town Hall over the Pyrmont Bridge. 15 mins if you're a brisk walker, 20 mins if you want to enjoy the view on the way.

If you get lost...

My mobile is 0413 489 388 in case you get lost or have any issues getting in on the night.


WeWork Walk-though

Here's a video of what WeWork looks like

If you've never been to WeWork Pyrmont before, here's a quick video of how to find us on Wednesday: 

Finding us at WeWork

Yes, I shot it in portrait mode. Don't hate me.


Introvert Alert

Why you should attend even if you are an introvert

If you're an introvert, you're in good company . Plus HubSpot's co-founder Dharmesh Shah is an introvert. Being an introvert can mean group events are pretty tiring, and thus (if you're anything like me) you'll be inclined to give the HUG a miss.

I feel ya.

But I'm going to suggest it's still worth attending though...

And to explain why I'll mention a personal story.

Years ago I attended one of the early Sydney HubSpot User Group meetings. I hid up the back sitting in one the lounges and spent most of the night on my phone (classic introvert MO btw). I was generally avoiding people. 

But one of the other attendees came and started a quick conversation with me. We got chatting about marketing and HubSpot and it was generally fine. I met him again at the next HUG. He was a familiar face in an otherwise blurry sea of faces.

Later again we met at Inbound and he was a bit of a lifesaver (if you think attending a user group is hard work for an introvert, try attending a conference with thousands of people...).

It was there that he suggested we should start a podcast together. This sounded great to me - after all, it means we could chat - but generally avoid other people (win!). 

Three years later, and we are still recording the HubShots podcast together. Ian has become one of my closest friends.

All because we met at a HubSpot User Group.

So touching

So, be brave, and I hope to see you there. I'll be the one standing awkwardly up the back. Please come and say hi to me - you'll be doing me a favour.


Next HUG

November or December? You decide...

We're already planning our final HUG event for the year.

At this stage we're tentatively thinking it will be Wednesday 21 November 2018.

But that's tentative - our options are:

  • Wednesday 21 November
  • Wednesday 28 November, or
  • Wednesday 05 December.

We're leaning towards the earlier date because we know it gets crazy at the end of the year with company Christmas parties and the like.

What do you think? Let us know if you have a preference (just hit reply).


A final CTA

One last thing

Apparently you're always supposed to end a post with a final call to action. Suposebly.

So here it is.

Please register here.


See you on Wednesday,


on behalf of the Sydney HUG organisers:
Tony Eades, Moby Siddique, Justin Theng, Ian Jacob and Craig Bailey

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