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Ending The Sydney Winter With A HUG, And Some Tips On Lead Generation.

It won’t be long now and the cold winter days will be behind us, as we enter into the last month of winter, August. Oh and speaking of August – what about ending our winter with a big HUG?

With lead generation by far the most requested topic for our HUG events I thought I’d reach out to some of our leading HubSpot partners and see what their top 3 tips for lead generation are:


From Sara McIntyre – Bright Inbound

  1. Create relevant, non-salesy, educational content offers.  Make sure that it solves a problem for your customers & prospects.
  2. Build specific landing pages for each of your content offers. Keep them clean, no navigation, and focus on the one thing that you want them to do - convert. Use action oriented words on the buttons rather than "Submit".
  3. Use Thank You pages for secondary offers to keep visitors engaged.
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HubSpot Partners In Sydney Join Together For Their Love Of Inbound Marketing [VIDEO]

Inbound Marketing Week and HUG Sydney collided on Wednesday evening of June 4th, 2014 – bringing together 70+ business owners and marketers hungry to learn more about inbound marketing. A panel of Sydney’s leading inbound marketers aka HubSpot partners, answered their questions, dispelling the myths around inbound marketing, and setting them straight with facts and stats that support why inbound marketing is so successful at generating qualified leads, customers and growing businesses.

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See What Happened At The First Hubspot User Group HUG Sydney Event [VIDEO]

As the leader of HUG Sydney I was both excited and nervous for the first ever HUG Sydney event. I got there early to make sure everything was set up well ahead of time.  Excited to have Hubspot in Sydney and to meet fellow Hubspotters. Nervous, hoping people would show up and the event would run smoothly.

The event kicked off at 5:30p with more than expected showing up, highlighting the interest of HubSpot and Inbound Marketing here in Australia.

Here’s a short highlight video:


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Will The Inbound Marketing Methodology Work for Australian Businesses?

This article explains the Inbound Marketing Methodology to help Australian businesses understand what they can do to improve their marketing results. 

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Welcome to the HUG Sydney Blog

Why HUG? HUG is an acronym for Hubspot User Group.

In this article I share my personal journey to discovering Inbound Marketing, and Hubspot – and why I’m super excited to be sharing it with Australian businesses today. 

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