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After the Honeymoon - 3 Strategies on How to Maximise Your New Relationship with Hubspot

Posted by Nicole Turner

29 February 2016 13:05:23 AEDT

So you came to the conclusion that your outbound marketing tactics weren't achieving your goals. Maybe your sales were down, KPI’s weren't being met, or most scarily - perhaps your business' growth has just hit the skids. So we applaud you for taking that leap of faith and tying the knot with Hubspot.

Now you’ve uploaded the new software, new leads are going to just come flooding in the door, right? Wrong.

Just like in a relationship, once the wedding is over, this is not the time to sit back and assume your job is done (unless you want to be single again soon), it is time to keep that spark alive!


When we talk to clients and early adopters of Hubspot, we tend to notice new users falling into two categories:

  • Overwhelmed and not sure where to start OR
  • Using the software without putting a strategic plan in place

No matter what category you fall into, don't worry; we’ve got you covered.

First, we suggest you implement these 3P’s  - Planning, Processes, Partners. These will maximise your new relationship with Hubspot and ensure you have a happy (and profitable) future together. 

PLANNING for the future

Everyone knows that the only way to achieve goals in life is to have a plan. During the on boarding process with Hubspot you should take advantage of your ‘Implementation Manager’ and seek as much advice and help as you feel necessary. Alternatively you can engage with one of Hubspots partners to help you with your strategy.

This person or partner will have been introduced to you when you purchased Hubpsot and can be called in to assist you with your inbound marketing strategy and how the Hubspot platform can best achieve your goals. This can include clarifying anything from building your buyer personas to developing appropriate content to talk to those personas throughout the buyer’s journey, building your lead generation "engine,"all the way through to reporting and analytics.

Proper planning in the beginning stages will guarantee you have a solid foundation and can proceed with developing the next step - your processes.


PROCESSES - Utilising the platform to its fullest potential 

After you’ve put your inbound marketing plan in place, now its time to implement, and one the best elements of Hubspot is that it provides you with so many applications that provide marketers with valuable tools across the spectrum of their day-to-day marketing activities. The number of applications you learn to use will greatly affect the power of Hubspot and the benefit to your business. 

So how do you learn to use all of these applications? Well one great way is to contact your customer service manager which can explain to you what applications are available for the Hubspot version you’ve purchased, how they work, and what the overall benefits are by using them.  Often the number of apps used by Hubspot users can be around 3, but Hubspot and g2m recommends the use of 5-7 apps or more to achieve the most efficient use and to drive the best results for your business. The more apps you use the power of Hubspot's integration starts to work for you ad you drive greater efficiency and effectiveness. So get to know the apps and what they can do for you and your business as soon as you can. It really is a case of one plus one equals three.  



Now that your at the stage of learning how to most efficiently use Hubspot, its apps and all its glory, there are two ways to go about this - D.I.Y. or use a Partner.

If you're ready to get started immediately, feel confident that you have a clear inbound and content strategy and have the capacity and skills you need a quick and easy way to jump in the deep end is to watch the training videos available in the Hubspot Academy portal of the software. Everyone from Basic to Enterprise users are able to access these videos and this is a great way to get a general overview of how to apply the software and apps to suit your business’s overall marketing strategy and bottom line goals.

If you’d prefer a more in-depth and personal approach, another option is to utilise face-to-face training in your local area. g2m Solutions has been the first Hubspot partner in Australia to become certified as an official Hubspot Accredited Trainer (HAT). They provide a wealth of modules walking you through the tools and offering advice on how to optimise Hubspot use for your business needs. To contact them regarding training workshops, click through here: g2m Solutions Hubspot Training.

Finally, if you are need help with the important steps of generating and inbound strategy, building out the Hubspot application and you need some help running campaigns due to lack of time or expertise, there are a number of well qualified hubspot partners who can work with you. 

Network, Learn and Attend a HUG!

So you’ve got your plan and processes in place and you’ve decided to either train yourself or work with a Hubspot Partner to get your inbound strategy up and running. Now, what?

One of the best ways to stay ensure a long lasting marriage with your new love is to get involved with your local Hubspot community. Networking with professionals in the industry and other users about how they deal with day-to-day issues, projects, etc can be extremely beneficial. This is how and why Sydney Hubspot User Group was formed!

HUG Sydney is a marketing community for anyone involved with marketing, from small businesses to large enterprises who need to stay up-to-date with effective marketing strategies and tactics, especially how technology can help marketers succeed with generating leads and customers. 

The next HUG Sydney event is on 16 March 2016 at The Porter in Sydney’s CBD from 5:30pm-7:00pm.

Register now by clicking on the button below to secure your spot!




What to expect at this HUG event:

  • A short welcome and overview from Chris Fell, Sydney HUG Leader
  • Panel of Hubspot experts from both Australia and Singapore
  • Complimentary drinks, nibbles and networking!

 To register your place at this HUG event, please do so here: HUG Sydney EventBrite


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