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Slides from Sydney HubSpot User Group 19 September 2018 Event

Thank you to everyone who attended, it was a wonderful night.

Special thanks to Loren Scott, Ian Jacob, Moby Siddique, Dominique Antarakis and Justin Theng for being speakers and expert panel members.

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Sydney HubSpot User Group plans for 19 September 2018


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Video Marketing Best Practices, HubSpot Service Hub Demo

A big thank you to everyone who attended our second Sydney HubSpot User Group for 2018 - great to see you there.

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5 Marketing Trends and Getting Started with Facebook Messenger

A big thank you to everyone who attended our first Sydney HubSpot User Group for 2018.

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After the Honeymoon - 3 Strategies on How to Maximise Your New Relationship with Hubspot

So you came to the conclusion that your outbound marketing tactics weren't achieving your goals. Maybe your sales were down, KPI’s weren't being met, or most scarily - perhaps your business' growth has just hit the skids. So we applaud you for taking that leap of faith and tying the knot with Hubspot.

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How CTAs can ramp up your business blog’s lead generation success

When it comes to inbound marketing, your blog is by far your most valuable asset. Not only is it a key source for building your brand reputation, but it also holds a ridiculous amount of potential for your lead generation. So what should you be doing, and just as important, what shouldn’t you be doing?

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February 2015 HUG Recap: Putting Personalisation Into Action In HubSpot

As inbound marketers, our goal is to serve our audience in the best way possible, and one of the ways we can achieve this is with personalisation. Using the information we have gathered about our contacts, we can deliver relevant, targeted, and individualised content, which improves user experience and significantly increases conversions.

However, a study conducted by Econsultancy and Monetate found that 70% of marketers ‘understand the importance of personalisation, but don’t know how to do it’. Hopefully this statistic has improved since the most recent HUG, but for those of you who need a reminder, here’s a rundown of how to set up automised personalisation in HubSpot.

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How Automation Can Make Your Marketing More Personal than Ever Before

You may have heard the word ‘personalisation’ lately. It’s been the subject of many 2015 marketing prediction posts such as those by The Guardian and Kissmetrics and has been dubbed the ‘future of marketing’ by Evergage and And of course, it’s the topic of the upcoming Sydney HUGPersonalisation has long been a critical part of the marketer’s toolkit, so why all the hype now?

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Learn How Marketing and Sales Alignment Can Boost Lead Customer Conversions

As a marketer, responsible for generating leads, do you ever get frustrated with the sales team for the way in which they follow up, or don’t follow up the leads?

As a sales person, responsible for closing the leads that marketing provide, do you ever get frustrated with the poor quality of the leads, or lack of leads provided?

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Ending The Sydney Winter With A HUG, And Some Tips On Lead Generation.

It won’t be long now and the cold winter days will be behind us, as we enter into the last month of winter, August. Oh and speaking of August – what about ending our winter with a big HUG?

With lead generation by far the most requested topic for our HUG events I thought I’d reach out to some of our leading HubSpot partners and see what their top 3 tips for lead generation are:


From Sara McIntyre – Bright Inbound

  1. Create relevant, non-salesy, educational content offers.  Make sure that it solves a problem for your customers & prospects.
  2. Build specific landing pages for each of your content offers. Keep them clean, no navigation, and focus on the one thing that you want them to do - convert. Use action oriented words on the buttons rather than "Submit".
  3. Use Thank You pages for secondary offers to keep visitors engaged.
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